Aug. 2019 Edinburgh, UK The 1st International Conference on Recent Advances in Medical and Health Sciences (ICRAMHS).

Oral presentation: Glioblastoma produces nitric oxide (NO) in response to activation stimulus. Elena Afrimzon, Yana Shafran, Naomi Zurgil, Maria Sobolev, Mordechai Deutsch.

Aug. 2019 Copenhagen, Denmark The 2nd International Conference on Medical & Health Science - ICMHS 2019.

Oral presentation: Semi-quantitative analysis of nitric oxide production in three-dimensional glioblastoma multiforme models in vitro. Elena Afrimzon, Yana Shafran, Naomi Zurgil, Maria Sobolev, Mordechai Deutsch.

July 2019 Macau, China The 2nd international conference of applied biochemistry and biotechnology (ABB) 2019.

Oral presentation: Analysis of cancer cell invasion and anti-metastatic drug screening using hydrogel micro-chamber array (HMCA) - based plates. Orit Ravid-Hermesh, Naomi Zurgil, Yana Shafran, Elena Afrimzon, Maria Sobolev, Yaron Hakuk, Zehavit Bar-On Eizig, Mordechai Deutsch.

July 2018 Valencia, Spain 3rd global insight conference on breast cancer.

Oral presentation: Investigating the impact of nitric oxide on breast cancer spheroids vulnerable to estrogen-induced apoptosis, using unique live-cell imaging-based platform.

Aug. 2018 Rome, Italy 4th World Congress on Cancer Research & Therapy

Oral presentation: 3D breast cancer models grown from individual cells in vitro: effect of environmental stiffness

Nov. 2017 Lisbon, Portugal 2nd annual World Preclinical Congress Europe.

Oral presentation: Imaging-Based Platforms for Formation, Treatment and High Content Analyses of Cancer Cell Spheroids.

March 2017 Jerusalem, Israel Quantum Effects in Biological Systems (QuEBS) 2017 conference.

Oral presentation: On the cryopreservation of individual sperm cells in nano-liter volumes.

Feb. 2017 Porto, Portugal BIOSTEC 2017 - 10th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies.

Oral presentation: Spheroid Formation: Means, Monitoring and Analysis of Intercellular Interaction

Oral presentation: Live-cell array methodology for culturing, treatment and kinetic measurements of individual cells/group of cells, at single element resolution.

Jan.-Feb. 2017 San Francisco, USA SPIE ,Phonics west BiOS

Oral presentation: BIO-133 polymer for improved imaging over micro-plate arrays, micro-pillars, other 3-D patterns.

Nov. 2016 Barcelona, Spain 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Medical Physics and Biophysics (Medical Physics-2016).

Oral presentation: Analysis of the Spectroscopic Aspects of the Cationic Dye Basic Orange 21 in bulk, and particularly in leukocytes

Sept. 2016 Berlin, Germany International Conference on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.

Oral presentation: Efficient approach to 3D breast cancer structure formation and growth in vitro, in environments of varying rigidities.

Sept. 2016 Berlin, Germany Annual Conference on Bioscience.

Oral presentation: Arrayed miniature femtoliter, picoliter and nanoliter volume vessels for live-cell imaging time-lapse measurement at single-cell/element resolution.

Nov. 2014 Suzhou, China BIT's 12th Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science and Technology-2014. Oral presentation: 3D Co-culturing Live Cell Imaging-Based Platforms for Single Element Time Lapse Measurement Drug Screening. Naomi Zurgil, Elena Afrimzon, Orit Ravid Hermesh, Maria Sobolev, Yana Shafran, Sergei Moshkov, Assaf Deutsch, Yael Bishitz-Markovitz, Yishay Tauber,  Steffen Howitz, Jian He, Benedikt Busse, Motti Deutsch.
Nov. 2014 Suzhou, China Cold Spring Harbor Asia Conferences. Dynamics of Cellular Behavior During Development and Disease. Oral presentation: Characterization, monitoring and analysis of cell-cell interaction in the course of tumor cell spheroid aggregation. Naomi Zurgil, Elena Afrimzon, Orit Ravid Hermesh, Maria Sobolev, Yana Shafran, Sergei Moshkov, Assaf Deutsch, Yael Bishitz-Markovitz, Yishay Tauber,  Steffen Howitz, Jian He, Benedikt Busse, Motti Deutsch.
Sept. 2014 San Diego, USA Exosomes & Single Cell Analysis Summit. Oral presentation: Live cell imaging-based platforms for single cell/element time lapse measurements. Naomi Zurgil, Elena Afrimzon, Orit Ravid Hermesh, Maria Soboleve , Yana Shafran, Sergei Moshkov, Assaf Deutsch,  Steffen Howitz, Jian He, Benedikt Busse, Motti Deutsch.
Sept. 2014 Seattle, USA 6th International Congress 2014. Leaders in Biobanking. Cancer Diagnosis at the crossroads: Precision medicine driving change. Poster presentation: Microstructure array made of hydrogel, for the formation, growth and analysis of multicellular 3D cancer spheroids. Afrimzon E, Zurgil N, Shafran Y, Sobolev M and Deutsch M.
Sept. 2014 Prague, Czech Republics 18th International Microscopy Congress (IMC 2014(. Poster Presentation: The involvement of nitric oxide in breast cancer pathogenesis. Image based investigation at the resolution of single cell clusters (spheroids). Shafran Y, Zurgil N, Sobolev M, Moshkov S, Ravid O, Afrimzon E, Shainberg A, Deutsch M.
March 2014 Angers, France BIOSTEC 2014.

1) Oral and Poster presentation: Spectroscopic Characteristics of the Cationic Dye Basic Orange 21 in Leukocytes. Z. Eizig, D. T. Major, H. L. Kasdan, E. Afrimzon, N. Zurgil and M. Deutsch.

2) Oral presentation: On the Cryopreservation of Individual Cells in Volumes Less than Nano Liter. B. Galmidi, Y. Shafran, R. Orvieto, N. Zurgil and M. Deutsch.

June 2013 Boston,
11th ISSCR Annual Meeting. Poster: Functional heterogeneity of umbilical cord blood CD34 positive cells. A Afrimzon E, Zurgil N, Shafran Y, Sobolev M, Goldman-Levi R, Shinar E, Deutsch M.
March 2012 Mainz, Germany ERA-Net meeting. Oral presentation: ApoE-conjugated HSA-NPs: single cell analysis of glioblastoma A172 and endothelial bEnd.3 cells. Afrimzon E, Zurgil N, Shafran Y, Sobolev M, Deutsch, M.
Oct. 2011 Hannover,
Biotechnica. Oral presentation: " Enabling single cell analysis of non-adherent cells and cellular spheroids.
Oct. 2011 Rhodes,
16th World Congress on Advances in Oncology and.14th International Symposiumon Molecular Medicine.
Aug. 2011 Orlando,
Department of Defense (DOD) Breast Cancer Research Program (BCRP) Era of Hope.2011 Meeting.
June 2011 Ingbert,
ERA Net Nanobrain Symposium.
Oct. 2009 Jerusalem,
2nd Korea Israel Nanobiotechnology Workshop Cells & Molecules, Chips & Sensors: innovative platforms for interfacing biology. Oral presentation: "A novel miniature cell retainer for correlative high-content analysis of individual untethered non-adherent cells.
June 2008 Baltimore,
Department of Defense (DOD) Breast Cancer Research Program (BCRP) Era of Hope.2008 Meeting: poster presentation: "Functional Analysis of Individual Cells & Microenvironment of Breast Cancer Draining Lymph Nodes".
May 2008 Budapest,
ISAC XXIV International Congress: 4 posters. 1)" Functional analysis of individual cells and microenvironment of breast cancer draining lymph nodes". 2) " Intracellular Nitric Oxide (NO) rates of generation correlate with different NO synthases expression levels, at the resolution of individual live cells". 3) " The involvement of Lysophosphatidylecholine (LPC) in inflammation and apoptosis processes in atherosclerosis". 4) "Enabling Real Time Quantification of Protein Translocation in Non-Tethered, Non-Adherent Individual Cells."
April 2008 Munich,
Analytica Innovation & Technology Forum, Lab on a Chip Forum.
Lecture: "Functional analysis of individual cells and microenvironment of metastatic and tumor-free breast cancer draining lymph nodes via the new Nunc LiveCell Array technology."
Sept. 2006 Paris,
1st Joint Meeting of European National Societies of Immunology -.16th European Congress of Immunology, under the auspices of EFIS. Poster: "Apoptotic Mechanism of Methootrexate therapy in active rheumatoid arthritis patients is related to reduction of TH1 predominance." Herman S, Zurgil N, Langevitz P, Ehrenfeld M, Deutsch M.
May 2006 Quebec,
ISAC XXIII International Congress, oral presentations: Enabling Repetitive Prolonged Measurements Of Non-Tethered Non-Adherent Individual Cells In a Microtiter Plate." Deutsch M, Zurgil N, Afrimzon E, Shafran Y,Deutsch A.; and "The involvement of Lysophosphatidylecholine (LPC) in lymphocyte apoptosis in atherosclerosis." Afrimzon E, Zurgil N, Shafran Y, Deutsch M; poster: Measuring individual cell activation and invasion markers, indicating possible lymph node exposure to invasive breast cancer cells."
Feb. 2006 Hadassah-Medical School,
Israeli Immunological Society, 35th Annual Meeting: ""The intracellular esterases activity of live cells may distinguish metastatic from tumor-free lymph nodes." Afrimzon E, Zurgil N, Deutsch M.; and "Methotrexate induces IL-10 production and inhibits nitric oxide secretion in mononuclear cells of rheumatoid arthritis patients" Herman S, Zurgil N, Deutsch M.
Sept. 2005 Geneva,
SBS.2005.11th Annual Conference and Exhibition -Drug Discovery from Targets to Candidates. Poster: "Real-Time Monitoring of ROS & NO Generation & Apoptosis Kinetics in Individual, Non-Adherent Living Cells Using the Optical LiveCell® Array." Zurgil N, Deutsch M.
Aug. 2005 Boston,
Drug Discovery Technology Conference. Abstract: "Quantifying the Physiological Effects of RNAi in thousands of non-adherent living cells at the individual cell resolution using the Optical LiveCell® Array," Haigh S, Hyde B, Elorza A, Biran I, Zurgil N, Deutsch M, Shirihai O.
July 2005 Saint Malo,
Journes Electrochimie termination du monoxyde dazote intracellulaire et extracellulaire produit une culture cellulaire laide dun dispositif de mesure ?lectrochimique couple la spectrophotomtrie de fluorescence Pereira Rodrigues N, Zurgil N, Chang SC, McNeil C, Deutsch M, Bedioui F.
June 2005 California,
American Diabetes Association 65th Scientific Sessions. Islet On a Chip: A Novel Array of Living Beta Cells Reveals Functional Subclasses with Distinct Susceptibility to Glucolipotoxicity, Katz S, Hibo M, Biran I, Heart E, Corkey B, Deutsch M, Zurgil N, Shirihai O.
June 2005 Coimbra,
BIOELECTROCHEMISTRY.2005 Conference. “Simultaneous optical and electrochemical detection of intra- and extra-cellular NO produced by glioblastoma cell line,” Pereira Rodrigues N, Zurgil N, Chang SC, Henderson J, Bedioui F, Mc Neil C, Deutsch M.
June 2005 Coimbra,
BIOELECTROCHEMISTRY-2005 Conference. Chang SC, Pereira Rodrigues N, Zurgil N, Henderson J, Bedioui F, Mc Neil C, Deutsch M.
June 2005 Pennsylvania,
ERA OF HOPE Department of Defense Breast Cancer Breast Cancer Research Program Meeting. Poster presentation: The search for parameters of negative sentinel lymph node indicators of axillary lymph node status in breast cancer patients.
Nov. 2004 Budapest,
4th International Congress on Autoimmunity, oral presentation: Lymphocyte Apoptosis Induced by Lysophosphatidylcholine, by Afrimzon E, Zurgil N, Shafran Y, Shovman O, Gilburd B, Brikman H, Shoenfeld Y, Deutsch M.
May 2004 Montpellier,
ISAC XXII International Congress, poster presentation: Measuring intracellular levels of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in individual living cells, Zurgil N, Afrimzon E, Shafran Y, Deutsch M.
April 2004 London,
Practical Experiences of high content screening in drug discovery Conference: panel discussion: What is the value of High-Content Screening
May 2003 Wales,
ISAC.1st International Cytomics Conference.2 poster presentations: Lysosomal involvement in oxidative stress induced apoptosis, Zurgil N, Shafran Y, Afrimzon E, and Deutsch, M., and Real time monitoring of intracellular reactive oxygen and nitrogen species levels in individual live cells, Zurgil N, Shafran Y, Afrimzon E, Deutsch M.
Nov. 2002 Romania ATOMO ADVANCED TOPICS IN OPTOELECTRONICS MICRO & NANO TECHNOLOGIES Conference Session, Chairperson and oral presentation, Advanced Topics in Optoeclectronics Micro and Nano Technologies.
Nov. 2002 Hungary European Commission Grant recipient meeting, oral presentation: Monitoring of Intracellular ROS: Initial Results.
Sept. 2002 Florida,
The 3rd DOD Breast Cancer Research Program Era of Hope meeting, poster presentation.
May 2002 Paris,
Kickoff meeting EU Project - Medical Applications of French Microsystems, oral presentation.
May 2002 California,
ISAC XXI International Congress, oral presentation +2 posters.
Feb. 2002 Geneva,
3rd International Congress on Autoimmunity, oral presentation.
Nov. 2001 Paris,
Cellsens European Commission Kickoff meeting, oral presentation.
Oct. 2001 Sinaia,
Internal Semiconductor Conference CAS.2001, Keynote Speaker.
Oct. 2001 Sinaia,
Micro & Nanotechnologies BioMEMs & Biomedical Applications Workshop. Organized by Intnal Society for BioMEMs & Biomedical Nanotechonology (ISBBN), satellite event of the CAS.2001 Intnal Conference, oral presentation.
March 2001 Europe European Atherosclerosis Society Workshop on the Immune System in Atherosclerosis, oral presentation.
March 2001 USA IBC, USA Conference, oral presentation.
Jan. 2001 California,
Photonics West - Showcasing the Power of Light - BIOS.2001, oral presentation: Monitoring the fluorescence intensity and anisotropy decays of individual cell within a population.
Sept. 2000 Washington-DC,
The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, 4th Annual Mission Conference, oral presentation: Michaelis-Menten constants of individual resting and activated peripheral blood lymphocytes of breast cancer patient versus healthy normals.
May 2000 Montpellier,
The XX Congress of the International Society for Analytical Cytology. 9 posters + 6 oral presentations: 1) Analysis of laser scattering pattern as an early measure of apoptosis.2) A method for differentiating between diverse fluorophores of similar spectra based on the measurement of their fluorescence polarization. 3) Mathematical analysis of the [Ca++] time response curve in cardiac myocyte and its diagnostic aspects 4) Continuous monitoring and analysis of the apoptotic process in individual cells. 5) Determination of the Michaelis-Menten constant (Km) of intracellular enzymatic reaction for individual live lymphocytes. 6) Investigation of cardiac myocyte cytoplasm structural changes during a contraction cycle by means of intracellular fluorescein fluorescence polarization [considered for the President Award at ISAC]. 7) "The monitoring of cell death induced by oxLDL with the Cellscan Mark-S cytometer".
April 2000 Haifa,
Israel Physical Society 46th Annual Meeting Israel, oral presentation: Investigation of cardiac myocyte structural changes during a contraction cycle by means of intracellular fluorescein fluorescence polarization.
April 2000 Jerusalem,
The 8th Jerusalem Symposium on Medical Physics and Medical Instrumentation, oral presentation: New methods to investigate cardiac myocyte contraction by fitting to mathematical function, and its application to diseased muscles.
Jan. 2000 Tel Aviv,
International Society for Heart Research European Section, Israeli Subsection. Oral presentation:
Effect of adriamycin, copper and adenosine on calcium transient changes in rat cardiomyocytes.
July 1999 Hamilton-Island,
ISAC Sam Latt Conference  Signaling for Life & Death: Cytometry in analysis and modeling of cell signaling poster + oral presentation: Fluorescein fluorescence hyperpolarization as an early kinetic measure for the apoptotic process.
March 1999 Tel Aviv,
The 45th Annual Meeting of the Israel Physical Society - 6 posters + 3 oral presentations: 1) Extraction of morphological properties of single particles using differential laser scattering - A Stationary phase approach. 2) Detection of breast cancer by kinetics of fluorescein release from peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL) monitored by fluorescence polarization measurement. 3) Analysis of enzyme kinetics in individual living cells utilizing fluorescence intensity and polarization measurements.
Feb. 1998 Colorado Springs,
ISAC XIX Conference poster + 3 oral presentations: 1) Measurements of dynamic intracellular processes in living cells by the Cellscan 2) Modulation of NK cytotoxicity, mitogenic response and cytoskeleton polymerization in human cells infected with influenza A virus 3) Monitoring of effector and target cell stimulation during conjugation by fluorescence polarization.
June 1997 Jerusalem,
14th International Conference on Tumor Markers, oral presentation.
April 1997 Jerusalem,
5th Jerusalem Symposium on Medical Physics Israel and Medical Instrumentation Posters, oral presentation: Tracing structural transitions in non- spherical cell populations.
Sept. 1996 Vienna,
12th International Congress on Photobiology, oral presentation: The Cellscan: An apparatus for repetitive sequential optical measurements of living cells: clinical and research applications.
April 1996 Rimini,
The XVIII Congress of the International Society for Analytical Cytology. 6 posters + 2 oral presentations.
Feb. 1996 Paris,
6th International Congress on Anti Cancer France Chemotherapy.
April 1995 Ramat-Gan,
Proceedings of the 3rd Annual Symposium on Medical
Israel Physics - Israel Physical Society: poster, oral + invited oral presentation: Demonstration of cell activation by the leakage of intracellular fluorescein from the cells. Invited lectureThe Cellscan as an optical multiparametric cytometer for individual cell studies.
Feb. 1995 Barcelona,
Fifth International Symposium on Biology and Clinical Usefulness of Tumor Markers. Abstract.
Dec. 1994 Eilat,
Israel Society for Neuroscience. Glioblastoma?derived factors inhibit T cell function. Abstract.
June 1994 Connecticut,
The Physiologist, Physiology of the Release and Activity of Cytokines: Inhibition of T cell function in patients with glioblasomas: A selective impairment of the IL2 system. Abstract.
Nov. 1993 Jerusalem,
XXIst Meeting of the International Society for Oncodevelopmental Biology and Medicine: From Basic Research to Clinical Application: Advances in Human Tumor Biology Abstract.
April 1993 Alberta,
BNNF, International Association for Breast Cancer Research.
March 1993 Tel Aviv,
The First Schottenstein Cellscan Center for Early Detection of Cancer Workshop.
Dec. 1992 Tel Aviv,
8th Meeting on Optical Engineering in Israel.
Oct. 1992 Heidelberg,
Heidelberger Zytometrie Symposium.
June 1992 Helsinki,
6th European Congress on Surgical Oncology.
May 1992 Petach-Tikva,
Beilinson Medical Center, General Staff Meeting.
May 1992 Jerusalem,
18th National Surgical Congress.
Oct. 1991 Mexico-City,
The 2nd International Conference on Cancer Immunology and AIDS.
May 1990 Munich,
Diagnostic Industry in a New Decade.
June 1991 Tel Aviv,
Annual Scientific Meeting of the Israeli Dermatology Society (First Prize for excellence in Research, awarded by the Israeli Dermatology Society).
July 1990 Vancouver,
10th International Biophysics Congress, "Early Tissue Specific tumor detection by the Cytoscan System".
April 1990 Tel Aviv,
General Staff Meeting, Sourasky Tel Aviv Medical Center.
Feb. 1990 Jerusalem,
Annual Meeting, Israel Society for Microbiology, "The Cytoscan? A Novel Method for Cell Selection".
Nov. 1988 Jerusalem,
The First Congress of the Israeli Cancer Association. An evaluation of the SCM test for the diagnosis of cancer of the breast.
Oct. 1988 Jerusalem,
The 10th International Congress on Photobiology.