Haim Feldman

Haim Feldman
M.Sc. Student

Received his B.Sc. in Physics in 2013 from Ariel University, Israel. He is currently studying for a M.Sc. at the Biophysical Schottenstein Center, Bar-Ilan University Physics Department.

Research title:

Investigation of the viscosity effect upon lifetime of fluorescent dyes


Dr. M.D. Ishay Wohl
Ph.D. Student

Ishay Wohl, M.D. earned his medical degree at the Tel Aviv University Sackler School of Medcine in 1992 and subsequently completed his residency training in Plastic Surgery at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem in 2000. He has since been employed as a Senior Plastic Surgeon at Klalit Health Services, as a Senior Physician at the Plastic Surgery Units of Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot and Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon. Over the years Dr. Wohl has participated in several surgery courses internationally.

Research title:

Label-free, in situ static cytometry, by monitoring spatiotemporal fluctuations of image gray values

Bat-sheva Galmidi

Bat-Sheva Galmidi
Ph.D. Student

Received her B.Sc in Physics & Computer Science in 2000 from Bar-Ilan University, Israel. She received her M.Sc at the Biophysical Schottenstein Center, Bar-Ilan University Physics Department, and is currently studying for her Ph.D. degree.

Research title:

About the evaluation dependency of the of energy transfer efficiency on the emission wave length of the donor

Zehavit Eizig

Zehavit Eizig
Ph.D. Student

Received a B.Sc in Bio Medical Engineered in 2007 from Jerusalem College of Technology, Israel. She is currently studying for a M.Sc. at the Biophysical Schottenstein Center , Bar-Ilan University Physics Department.

Research title:

Spectroscopic aspect of the cationic dye Basic Orange 21 (BO-21)

Yishai Tauber

Yishay Tauber
Ph.D Student

Received a B.Sc. in Physics and Chemistry in 2006 and a M.Sc. degree in Physics in 2008 from Bar-Ilan University, Israel. He is currently studying for a Ph.D. at the Biophysical Schottenstein Center. His research focuses on studying diffusion processes in living cells and spheroids using various sensing methods and advanced image processing.

Research title:

Simultaneous optical and electrochemical monitoring of intra- and extracellular products secreted by 2 and 3D cellular models of malignant tumors.

Yael Bishitz- Markovitz Ph.D. 2011

The investigation of spheroids' formation in designated microstructures: tracing, characterization, simulation and prediction


Yaniv Namer Ph.D. 2011

The investigation of the empiric Fluorescence concentration depolarization relation and its realization in the evaluation of fluorophors concentration and membrane potential

Bat-sheva Galmidi

Bat-Sheva Wagon-Galmidi M.Sc. 2009

About the evaluation dependency of the of energy transfer efficiency on the emission wave length of the donor

Shani Mahlav M.Sc. 2009

Elucidation of the immunological mechanism of Methotrexate and anti TNF treatments in Rheumatoid Arthritis patients


Merav Meulom Pinhas M.Sc. 2008

Calculation of MMPs diffusion constant in gelatin, at an individual cell level, using fluorescence imaging

Yair Ben Shaul M.Sc. 2008

Quantifying biological forces involved in the process of cell-mediated cytolysis

Yoav Badihi M.Sc. 2008

Tracing GFP tagged bio-modulated cells via fluorescence lifetime and anisotropy decay measurements

Tali Saidler M.Sc. 2008

Fluorescence polarization measurements of GFP expressed in individual live cells, under various functional conditions

Yishai Tauber M.Sc. 2006

The use of laser optical trapping and manipulation of live cells within a cell array to investigate cell –cell interactions

Assaf Deutsch Ph.D. 2007

Multidisciplinary Research and Development of Novel Parameters and Physical Methodologies for the Assessment of Live Lymph-Node Lymphocytes.

Tzachi Sabati M.Sc. 2007

Monitoring changes in membrane potential by energy transfer efficiency via fluorescence polarization measurements

Yaniv Namer M.Sc. 2006

Fluorescence anisotrophy decay and related parameters of cellular fluorescent probes along the cell cycle

Yana Shafran M.Sc. 2006

Real time monitoring of intracellular reactive oxygen and nitrogen species levels in individual live cells, in various physiological and pathological situations


Dror Fixler Post-Doc 2005

Pattern projection for geometrically super resolved imaging in fluorescent microscopy



Meir Cohen- KashiPh.D. 2005

The investigation of the immunologic cellular response on individual cells by fluorescence resonance energy transfer



Dror Fixler Ph.D. 2003

Investigation of the heterogeneous emission of fluorescence probes in individual cells, and its dependence on the cellular physiological state



Max Platkov M.Sc. 2003

The investigation of the fluorescence and polarization spectrum of intracellular fluorescent probes



Zeev Schiffer Ph.D. 2002

Application of stationary phase theorem for the analysis of light scattering pattern from live cells



Merav Sunray (Yanai) Ph.D. 2002

The dynamic and local aspects of spectroscopic phenomena of intracellular fluorescent markers and their dependence upon the physiological status



Yishai Yitzhak Ph.D. 2002

On the spectral properties of fluorescent markers in human lymphocytes and their dependence on biological stimulations



Menachem Kaufman Ph.D. 2001

The Cellscan as a multiparameter cytometer for individual cells



Ina Solodiev joint project with Prof. Rami Avtalion M.Sc. 2001

Monitoring the effect of oxLDL on the cellular components of the atherosclerotic plaque



Ella Zhornitzky- Gellman M.Sc. 2000

BCECF as a probe for intracellular fluorescence polarization measurements



Dror FixlerM.Sc. 1998

Possible monitoring of conventional and homeopathic treatment of cancer patients by fluorescence polarization of intracellular fluorescein



Oleg Marder joint project with Prof. Rami Avtalion M.Sc. 1997

Effect of viral infection of human lymphocyte on changes in IFFP, measured by the Cellscan



Merav Sunray (Yanai) M.Sc. 1995

Investigation of the kinetics of influx of fluorescein diacetate (FDA) and leakage of fluorescein from lymphocytes



Meir Cohen- Kashi M.Sc. 1995

The use of CFDA as a fluorescent marker for the demonstration of cellular reaction



Noah Avtalion M.Sc. 1995

Production, purification and calibration of melanoma derived factors for specific lymphocyte stimulation



Meir Weisbard M.Sc. 1994

Kinetic studies of the humoral immune response in fish to selected non-tumor antigens as detected by fluorescence polarization



Zeev Schiffer M.Sc. 1994

Fourier analysis of differential light scattering by cell populations for the demonstration of their activation