Research Team

Prof. Motti Deutsch

Professor Motti Deutsch

Mordechai Deutsch is a member of the Physics Department at Bar-Ilan University. He formulated the vision of the Biophysical Interdisciplinary Jerome Schottenstein Center (JSC) for the Research and Technology of the Cellome, established it and serves as its Director. He has as well, established and chaired the Israel Cellome Network.

Field of expertise of Prof. Deutsch are: molecular physics, biophysics, medical physics, electromagnetism, geometric and physical optics, methods in spectroscopy, fluorescence, biotechnology, micro optics, microfluidics, micro fabrication, light microscopy, advanced optical imaging and signal analysis, microlithography, and miniaturization of laboratory techniques.

He is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, and grants worth well over several million dollars from industrial, governmental and institutional sources. He has lectured worldwide, published 88 scientific articles, and holds 56 issued and pending patents in the US, Japan, Europe and Israel.

Research overview

Definition, research and performance of accurate fluorescence measurement and related derivatives (fluorescence polarization, life time, FRET, diffusion) in general, and in particular, those derived from biological cells.

Development of numerous nouveau biophysical parameters based on spatial, spectral and temporal analysis of label-free (transmitted light, auto fluorescence and electrochemical measurements) and fluorescence based images of single cells.

Design and production of numerous micro-structure platforms which enable performance of multi-parametric (high content) measurement, in an individual cell resolution, while in a population. Within these platforms, identity of the investigated cells, even those which are non-adherent and non-tethered, is secured during long term kinetic measurement, while undergoing medium exchange, treatment, measurement and finally, analysis and biophysical interpretation of results.

Development of a spheroid based assay approach (technology, methodology and readout). Design and fabrication of micro-structures for spheroid preparation, retention and screening, using optical imaging methods, as well as their adaptation for applications in biological research and medicine.

Dr. Naomi Zurgil

Dr. Naomi Zurgil
Senior Researcher, Head of Biology and Biochemistry Division

Dr. Zurgil brings 20 years of experience in biochemistry research to the Jerome Schottenstein Center. Before assuming her current position in 1999, Dr. Zurgil was a senior researcher for the Center as well as at Sheba Medical Center for ten years. She has held positions as Chief Biochemist at an Israeli company specializing in the development of a bioassay for cancer diagnosis, as well as R & D Manager at a company developing diagnostic kits for autoimmune diseases. Dr. Zurgil received her PhD in Biochemistry from Tel Aviv University in 1985 and is author of over 40 scientific publications.

Dr. Elena Afrimzon

Dr. Elena Afrimzon
Senior Researcher of Biology and Biochemistry Division

Dr. Afrimzon (a recipient of KAMEA award program), brings 20 years of experience in experimental and clinical immunology research. Before assuming her current position in the Schottenstein Center in 2000, Dr. Afrimzon was a senior researcher for the Immunology Laboratory in the Siberian Center for the Research and Clinical Oncology (Tomsk, Russia) for nine years. Her major scientific interests are experimental and clinical immunology, cell immunology and biology, immune cell-cell and immune cell-microenvironment interactions, individual live cell behavior. These interests include the specific problems of medicine, biology and biophysics. Dr. Afrimzon received her MD from the State Siberian Medical University (Tomsk, Russia) and her PhD in Immunology and Immunogenetics from the Central Institute of Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan) in 1989. She is author of over 30 scientific publications.

Dr. Orit Ravid
Senior Researcher of Biology and Biochemistry Division

Dr. Ravid is an experienced scientist in the field of cell and molecular biology. Before joining the Jerome Schottenstein Center in 2004, Dr. Ravid was a project manager at the department of metabolic disease at QBI, a company specializing in drug discovery and development. There, she established and developed new assays for the drug validation process. Dr. Ravid received her PhD in Biochemistry at the Department of Metabolism and Human Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, Hebrew University - Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem in 2000.

Maria Sobolev

Dr. Maria Sobolev
Senior Researcher of Biology and Biochemistry Division

Dr. Sobolev brings 20 years of experience in biophysics and physiology research. Before assuming her current position in the Schottenstein Center in 2006, Dr. Sobolev was a senior researcher for the St.-Petersburg State University, BioSoil faculty, Russia for 13 years. Dr. Sobolev received her M.Sc. from the St.-Petersburg State University, BioSoil faculty Russia and her PhD in Institute of Chemical Physics, Moscow, Russia in 1992. She is the author of over 35 scientific publications.

Yana Shafran

Yana Shafran
Researcher of Biology and Biochemistry Division

Yana Shafran received her B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Biotechnology from Bar-Ilan University, Israel. She is employed over ten years at the Jerome Schottenstein Center. She is responsible for the implementation and validation of the newly developed technologies at the Center. She is currently studying for her Ph.D. degree at the Biophysical Schottenstein Center. Her research fields are applied biotechnology, immunology and biology of individual live cells and spheroids.

Sergei Moshkov

Mr. Sergei Moshkov

Mr Sergei Moshkov is a biologist who brings more than 40 years of experience in biological research laboratories and industries. He has a unique talent to integrate technical expertise from diverse areas of biological, biochemical and biophysical laboratory practices, enabling him to find non-trivial technological solutions.